quick release system Adjustable protective equipment Hunting tactical lightweight vest

  • Product name: 1000D MOLLE triple cartridge pouch One click Release Tactical vest
  • Material: 1000D Polyester
  • MOQ: 10
  • Package Gross Weight: 1.5kg

Product information




Black/MC/Khaki/Ranger green



Adjustable waist size


Material quality

1000D Polyester

ls it adjusted

Detachable and adjustable


Vest body *1 single cartridge pouch *2

Detachable triple bullet bag *1 radio bag *1 sundry bag *1

*Pay attention to:Due to manual measurement , there may be slight errors in the size. Please refer to the actual product for accuracy.


The vest comes with one click quick release buttonIt's a modern, stylish, combat vest

The vest material is 1000D polyester, tear resistant, wear resistant, fast disassembly, comfortable and breathable.

Available in a variety of fabrics and colors.

 As with all of our bulletproof solutions, if you want to add functionality, we can customize it for our customers. Just talk to our sales team and our factory can do it.


·The vest is a stylish and durable 1000d polyester lightweight tactical vest made of waterproof, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant materials. The vest has a full release function to better protect the wearer:

① In the case of injury, emergency personnel can quickly take off the vest of the wearer for treatment;

② In case of accidentally falling into the water, the wearer can quickly remove the device to reduce the body load;

·Waist elastic design:

① People with different waistlines can use it(Size: 90-140cm);

② Transparent design for shock absorption;

③ Comfortable and breathable; 

·Removable guard deck attached to the back of the chest, waist side and crotch area, ideal for internal security use or high threat areas;

·The partition double-layer dark bag can be placed on the protection board, and the protection board is provided with pockets inside, which can be placed on the stab-proof board, bulletproof board and foam board;

· Custom-cut NIJ 0101.06 Class IIIA ballistic soft armor plate (bulletproof plate).

·IIIA, III, IV300*250MM hard armored deck (mounted in vest pocket).

· Guard deck (soft) and guard deck (hard) can be used together.

·MOLLE can be equipped with accessories, such as bullet bags, sundry bags, medical kits, etc.

· Comfortable shoulder pad design

· The breathable net is close to the body, transferring the load weight reasonably to the waist and abdomen, effectively ventilating and sweating, and experiencing cool and comfortable

· The size of the vest can be adjusted to ensure the wearing of the vest

· This product is equipped with radio bag, quick adjustment shoulder strap, sundry bag *2, single pair bullet bag,