NIJ IIIA Full protective body armor 1000D nylon/polyester military ves

  • Product name: bulletproof vest
  • Material: 1000D Polyester
  • MOQ: 10
  • Package Gross Weight: 1.7kg

Product Information

Attribute Detail
Size 32*30cm
Colour Black/MC/Khaki/Ranger green
Weight 1.7kg
Adjustable waist size 110cm-140cm
Material quality 1000D Polyester
Is it adjusted Detachable and adjustable
Accessory Body armor: 1, IIIA bulletproof built-in *1

Multifunctional Police and Military Body Armor

The vest comes with a set of IIIA bulletproof soft inserts made of tear-resistant high-density waterproof 1000D polyester.


  • The vest is a fully protected bulletproof military vest made of waterproof, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant 1000D polyester material. The vest has good air permeability and the vest accessories are removable.
  • Waist elastic design:
    1. Adjustable for people with different waistlines.
    2. Transparent design for shock absorption.
    3. Comfortable and breathable.
  • Removable guard deck attached to the back of the chest, waist side, and crotch area, ideal for internal security use or high threat areas.
  • The partition double-layer dark bag can be placed on the protection board, and the protection board is provided with pockets inside, which can be placed on the stab-proof board, bulletproof board, and foam board.
  • Custom-cut NIJ 0101.06 Class IIIA ballistic soft armor plate (bulletproof plate).
  • IIIA, III, IV 300*250MM hard armored deck (mounted in vest pocket).
  • Guard deck (soft) and guard deck (hard) can be used together.
  • MOLLE can be equipped with accessories, such as bullet bags, sundry bags, medical kits, etc.
  • Comfortable shoulder pad design.
  • The breathable net is close to the body, transferring the load weight reasonably to the waist and abdomen, effectively ventilating and sweating, and providing a cool and comfortable experience.
  • The size of the vest can be adjusted to ensure proper wearing.

Please note: Due to manual measurement, there may be slight errors in the size. Please refer to the actual product for accuracy.